McNally Construction has had a productive first day hauling the wooden pilings from the floor of Digby harbour, after a tough day hauling out the steel pilings.

The crew from McNally Construction first attacked the metal pilings from the end of the middle ell on Tuesday, April 2.

They welded steel I-beams onto the pilings to make them easier to pull. Still they wouldn’t budge because of the suction in the mud.

They then used a diesel vibrator to break the suction and the pilings did move four or five feet, said Sunderland, before the weld holding the I-beams broke from the vibrations.

McNally finished with the metal pilings Tuesday and then turned their attention to the remains of the wooden pilings.

When Dexter Construction removed the middle ell, they left the butt ends of the pilings level with or just sticking out from the harbour bottom.

Sunderland says there are close to 300 pilings down there from the former middle ell.

McNally’s first hauls with the bucket Wednesday, April 3, brought up a tangle of ropes and wire and then it seemed every haul brought up one or two pilings.

By mid afternoon, the operator was sweeping the bucket back and forth under water, apparently looking for any remaining pilings in the outer end of the site of the former middle ell.

The pilings have been loaded into a scow and will be transported to Digby Salvage and Disposal’s dumps site on the Upper Cross Road, but not to the special bermed-site for the sediment.

Sunderland expects it to take six weeks for McNally Construction to finish the dredging and install the new floating dock system at the Digby wharf.

McNally won the tender for the project with a bid of $614,000.

Story by: Jonathon Riley
The Digby County Courier
April 3, 2013